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BEDFORD - NOVMEBER 21, 2022 - The Englewood Fire Station is expected to be closed at least another two to three weeks as the remediation work of the fire station is now complete. However, while the fire station is closed the station is undergoing some more work to do some painting, insulation work, new LED lighting fixtures, and HVAC work.

Bedford's Englewood Station - Fire Station # 3 is expected to be closed for two and half weeks

The fire station was closed after birds entered into the fire station. The city tried to remediate the situation, but the birds returned.

BlueMoose, Bloomington, Indiana was hired to clean-up the fire station. in the amount of $13,900. Since, that the hazardous materials clean-up of the fire station is complete; the city is now working to make needed improvements to the station.

The Bedford Board of Works approved the following work for the fire station:

  • Painting Gridwork for suspended ceiling - J & J Painting - $3,100 awarded the bid - One other company was consulted but booked up to the first of the year -(Casey's Painting)

  • Painting of all concrete block walls in the living quarters and locker door area - J & J Painting - $3,800 - Casey Painting unable to work until first of year

  • Installation of ceiling tiles and Insulation above the ceiling tiles - MATCON General Contracting was the lowest bid - $8,249 - Kirts Renovation bid on the project

  • Installation of new LED light fixtures throughout the fire station - Chad Faust Electrical awarded the bid - $5,991.50 - R & H Electrical submitted a bid

  • Clean HVAC duct work - JBR Mechanical - Approved work not to exceed $1,500

  • Spray foam insulation of truck room ceiling - Findley Spray foam Insulation - $7,300 there were three other bids submitted from Findley Spray foam insulation, RWS Insulation Services, BVR and Superior Insulators

" Since the fire station was closed, we felt like this was an excellent time to do some needed work to the fire station. The fire station has not been repainted in over 31 years. Then, there were some things that needed attention, and this will help improve the morale of the firefighters," said Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes.

Response times to emergencies have been slower due to the closure. But, Chief Hughes says the plans are to have the station re-opened as quickly as possible. Because of this emphasis the bids were expedited to get things back to normal.

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