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Bedford Fire Department remains without fire chief Board of Works approves policy changes

BEDFORD - AUGUST 22, 2023 - The Board of Works approved changes to the Bedford Fire Department's Standard Operating Procedures during their meeting Monday afternoon.

The policy changes to the command staff was approved to allow a Lieutenant to be officer in charge should a Battalion Chief or Captain be unavailable.

Under the previous policy only a Captain rank or above could be officer in charge.

The policy may require the Lieutenant to be moved to headquarters should a Battalion Chief or Captain be unavailable. The Lieutenant has more than 18 years of experience and most having more than ten years experience.

The Bedford Firefighters must have 9 firefighters on duty at all times, however under brief periods of time may have eight firefighters under certain circumstances.

At the present time BFD is search of its next fire chief following the retirement of Fire Chief John Hughes.

Other actions taken by Board of Works for the fire department:

Approved T & G construction bid for additional renovations at the Englewood Fire Station on 29th Street.

The fire station have seen several improvements which include roof improvements and bird remediation after the birds took residence in the fire station.

The fire station was built in 1974, and the renovations are the first in that time frame.

Bedford has three fire stations that serve the city with the two satellite stations staffed with two firefighters at each stations.

The Board of Works approved Seth Johnson's status as a 2nd Class firefighter to permanent, this comes following the recommendation of Former Fire Chief Hughes prior to his retirement.


200 days same as cash Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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