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Bedford Escapes Serious Damage After Funnel Cloud Passes Over City

BEDFORD - ( April 13, 2021) - Bedford Mayor Sam Craig has stated that all the city streets have been cleared of trees, and are passable

. This comes following damage after a funnel cloud has passed over the city heading towards Heltonville and Seymour.

Photo submitted by Kayln Tincher to the Lawrence County Zephyr as funnel cloud passes on Bedford's northside

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning and GM Powertrain employees were immediately instructed to take cover, as well as many businesses heeded the tornado sirens that sounded throughout the city.

Photo submitted by Kayln Tincher to the Lawrence County Zephyr as funnel cloud comes over Bedford from the west

Bedford City emergency crews was busy responding to incidents through out the north end of the city. Downed power lines, street lights, and homes receiving damage from Wednesday nights storm.

Damage to signs of area business and some damage to homes on the city's northside have been reported.

" Tomorrow city employees will again go out and assess damage and finish the clean-up," said Mayor Craig. All city departments will be coordinating in clean-up efforts when it becomes daylight.

Stoplight at 5th and Lincoln was out for while Duke Energy crews work to get power throughout the city

"At this time there are no reports of any injuries," said Craig.

Siding sits in the street following the storm Wednesday evening on S Street in Bedford

Residents can go to the city's Facebook page for any updated information.

Duke Energy reports over 1,100 customers were with out power at that blackened the north end with the power starting to come back on around 9:00 p.m. in some areas of Bedford.

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