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Bedford Couple Arrested for Theft of Wal-Mart on Thursday Afternoon

BEDFORD - MARCH 6, 2023 - A Bedford couple landed themselves in the Lawrence County Jail after both failed to pay for over one thousand dollars' worth of merchandise.

Both Timothy Lagle 52, Bedford and Sonya Lagle, 54, Bedford was arrested on theft charges of $750 - $49,000 in two different situations within minutes of each other.

Timothy Lage arrested at 1:37 pm Thursday afternoon for theft and his wife Sonya Lagle arrested at 2:17 pm in a separate incident of theft at the same location.

The theft took place at the Bedford Wal-Mart 3200 block John Williams Boulevard on Thursday afternoon,

According to the police reports Bedford Police was dispatched to the parking lot of Wal-Mart on reports for a suspicious male who was threatening people with pepper spray. An off-duty police Major Jeremy Bridges seen Timothy Lagle running towards Dunham's Sports and was able to stop Lagle.

It was discovered that Lagle was wanted on two active warrants. Lagle failed to appear for a court hearing on February 3, 2023, In Lawrence County Superior Court 2.

Lagle was taken to Bedford Police Department when it was discovered he threw down a jacket in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. While Bedford police officers were looking for the jacket Wal-Mart Loss Prevention officers informed Bedford Police Officer Robert Looney that they attempted to stop Lagle for theft, after he failed to pay for merchandise, and placed the items in a Jeep parked in the parking lot.

According to the loss prevention officers Lagle attempted to push out a load full of merchandise. Lagle loaded the items in the trunk of the Jeep and again entered the store. After entering the store, the second time, Lagle confronted the loss prevention officers for following him. Lagle attempted to remove a can from his pocket, to what the loss prevention officers describes as possibly being pepper spray.

Lagle then ran out of the store and took off the jacket and was eventually located by off duty officer Bridges.

The items stolen was described by the loss prevention officers who, Bedford Police Officer Looney located in the Jeep. While preparing for a search warrant of the vehicle the owner of the vehicle appeared.

The owner of the vehicle was given a Pirtle Warning and the owner gave the Bedford Police Department authorization to search the vehicle.

Pirtle warnings are specific to Indiana which requires police to warn a suspect before conducting a custodial interrogation.

Pirtle holds that " a person who is asked to give consent to a search while in police custody is entitled to the presence and advice of legal counsel prior to making the decision whether to give consent."

Several items were discovered on the list provided to Bedford Police from the loss prevention officers, and several other items that were suspected as being stolen. The other items included a vehicle battery, and several items of clothing with the tags still on them. Loss prevention officers confirmed the items were from the store.

In a trash can, stolen from the store, several more items were discovered with the total amount of stolen merchandise was at $1,089.28 before tax.

Timothy Lagle denied stealing any of the items, and Lagle was asked about confronting people following him, which he described the loss prevention officers.

Wal-Mart provided camera footage of the incident. The owner of the Jeep was reported as stealing items from the store; however, he was not charges as those items of merchandise were only small amount in price and was trespassed from the Wal-Mart Store. (Note because the owner of the Jeep was not arrested the person's name has been omitted from this story)

While investigation the incident with Timothy Lagle, Bedford Police officers were notified by loss prevention officials that told officers a female was attempting to push a cart of unpaid merchandise out of the lawn and garden doors.

The Wal-Mart employees was able to retrieve the cart of merchandise, and the female pushing the cart fled through the store.

Bedford Police Officer Major Jesse Crane found the woman fleeing towards Becky Skillman Way, and was able to catch up with her.

Police discovered the woman was Sonya Lagle, 54, Bedford who was wanted on warrant out of Jackson County for failure to appear in a separate theft case. Lagle failed to appear in Jackson County Circuity Court in November 2022.

Sonya passed all the points of sale to with the cart of unpaid merchandise. The amount of merchandise that she failed to pay for totaled more than $1,501.83.

According to Sonya Lagle in talking to the police state she was under the impression that Timothy Lagle already purchased the items. Police then informed her that Timothy have been in police custody for more than 15 minutes and her story did not make sense.

Sonya Lagle was taken to Bedford Police Department for processing and then on to the Lawrence County Jail.

Sonya Lagle attempted to steal bedding soil, electronic devices, several tools, pillows, paint, cargo organizers, battery charger, and a storage shed.

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