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Bedford City Council Votes to Redirect $20,000 from IU Health Foundation

BEDFORD - AUGUST 16, 2022 - The Bedford City Council voted to redirect where the $20,000 they appropriated in August of last year. The measure passed only by a 3-2 vote with Angel Hawkins, Dan Bortner and Brad Bough voting "yes" and Larry Hardman and Ryan Griffith voting "no".

Bedford City council members Judy Carlisle and Penny May did not attend Monday's meeting.

Bedford City Council during Monday night's meeting

The city council members discussed the matter for several minutes after Joe Timbrook, Director of Career Development, Lawrence County Growth Council presented information about the original proposal and what happened since then.

The council directed $10,000 be given to the Lawrence County Growth Council and $10,000 be given to Families Forever, with Monday night's vote.

The IU Health Foundation submitted an invoice for $20,000 with the previous amount to be used for Trauma Informed Care for a grant application. However, IU Health Foundation did not go ahead with the proposed Trauma Informed Proposal.

Bedford Mayor Craig wanted the council aware of the changes and direct to where and how the funds were to be dispensed. The money redirected will still be used for Trauma Informed Care Education by both organizations.

The Bedford City Council in August 2021 approved the following grant requests:

  • White River Humane Society - $34,000

  • Men's Warming Shelter - $25,000

  • IU Health Foundation Grant - $20,000 ( One time donation)

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