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BEDFORD - DECEMBER 19, 2022 - During the meeting of the Bedford Board of Works on Monday, Charlene Hall took issue with the city paying a claim to the Marshall Township Park.

The claim was just less than $10,000.

Hall took issue with the City of Bedford paying for claims for the Avoca/Marshall Township Park. " We should not be doing this, intermingling funds," said Hall.

Marsha Phiefer the Clerk/Treasurer advised the Board of Works that this was done under the Bedford Mayor Shawna Girgis Administration. Phiefer also advised the members this is the last of remaining funds of the grant.

Bedford Parks Department applied to ROI of Indiana on behalf of Marshall Township in December 2019. A grant of $125,000 was to establish a county parks foundation and make improvements to the Avoca /Marshall Township Park which was the former Avoca Fish Hatchery.

When the Indiana Department of Natural Resources was looking for to transfer the property over to another receiver, Lawrence County government or the City of Bedford was not good fit for the receivership of the property.

Marshall Township officials showed interest in the property and a committee was formed to apply for the grant. Board of Works members asked why the City of Bedford applied for the grant; when township officials should have been the ones applying for the grant.

The grant also was applied on behalf of Spice Valley Township officials to take over the Williams campground however that component did not receive any funding from the ROI.

The Bedford of Works approved all claims on Monday accept payment to Marshall Township officials until the matter can be investigated by Bedford City Attorney Greg Pittman.

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