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Approval of a purchase agreement with Springville Community Academy on NLCS agenda

BEDFORD - MARCH 16, 2023 - The North Lawrence Community School board will meet tonight at 6:30 pm for the regular school board meeting.

Photo: Springville Community Academy

An item of interest on this evening's agenda is a purchase agreement with the Springville Community Academy. NLCS still owns property that the school's septic system sits on, and a parking lot to the east of the current Springville Community Academy that the corporation did not transfer, when NLCS deeded the property to Perry Township officials, who then transferred the property to SCA.

Photo: North Lawrence Community School still owns property that the septic system for SCA sits on

The agenda is listed below:

Regular Session - 6:30 p.m. NLCS Administration Building

1. Public Meeting

B. Opening Business

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. "*" Review for Approval the Minutes from February 16, 2023, the Executive Session

Memorandum from March 2, 2023, the Executive Session Memorandum from March 7, 2023, and the Executive Session Memorandum from March 13, 2023

C. Persons to Address the Board Relative to the Agenda

1. Persons to Address the Board Relative to the Agenda

D. Business Office/Personnel - Mrs. Robyn Muder

1. "*" Claims and Payroll Since Last Board Meeting. 2. "*" Personnel Agenda

E. School Attorney - Mr. Greg Pittman

1. "*" Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Donation, Sale, or Disposal of Surplus Property. 2. "*" Approval of Purchase Agreement with Springville Academy

F. Curriculum - Mrs. Tricia Hudson/Mr. Lucas Calhoun

1. "*" Approval of 2023-2024 Student Handbooks with Noted Changes 2. "*" Approval to Recommended Matrix Bid for Upgrading Access Points in Elementary and Administration Buildings

3. "*" Approval of Chromebook Refresh for the 2023-2024 School Year

4. "*" Approval for Teachers/Director to Attend the AVID Annual Conference. 4 Teachers to Orlando (June 26-28, 2023) and 1 Director to Denver (June 15-17, 2023).

G. Transportation - Mr. Duane Boady

1. "*" Approval to Change Current Bus Order

H. Athletics - Mr. Jeff Callahan

1. "*" Approval to Establish a Middle School Soccer Program I. North Lawrence Career Center - Mrs. Amy Redman

1. "*" Approval of Over-Night Field Trip for Health Occupations Students to Attend the HOSA State Leadership Conference April 10-12 in Indianapolis.

J. Persons to Address the Board

1. Persons to Address the Board

K. Closing Business

1. Upcoming Meetings

2. "*" Adjournment

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