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Animal Control Investigation leads to the Arrest of all Three Warrick County Commissioners Warrick County

WARRICK COUNTY - FEBRUARY 9, 2024 -– The Warrick County Animal Control investigation into misappropriated funds by Indiana State Police has resulted in the arrest of all three Warrick County Commissioners.

After the arrest of Danielle Barnes on December 13, 2023, Indiana State Police Detectives Werne and Stinson received information that Warrick County Commissioner’s Terry Phillippe, Dan Saylor, and Robert Johnson had no knowledge of Barnes’ non-profit organization, Warrick Animal Guardian (WAG), or any documents concerning WAG. Barnes was operating Warrick Animal Guardian (WAG) while employed as a supervisor at Warrick County Animal Control.

During the investigation, detectives revealed on January 9, 2023, a donation of a mobile trailer to Warrick County Animal Control from WAG was accepted by the commissioners.

On February 1, 2024, Warrick County Commissioners released a timeline of events during a public news conference, which stated between December 1-4, 2023, the commissioners received limited documentation from the health department regarding Barnes’ conduct.

Detectives later learned the commissioners had allegedly been investigating Barnes for months. During the summer of 2023, the Warrick County Health Department had closed a swimming pool and several restaurants that failed health inspections.

Warrick County Commissioners allegedly instructed the health department to open the pool and restaurants.

The owners of the pool and restaurants were allegedly friends and business associates of the commissioners.

The health department ignored their orders. The health department supervisor was later terminated by the commissioners for allegedly not opening the restaurants, pool, and cooperating with Indiana State Police during the investigation pertaining to the misappropriated funds at the Warrick County Animal Shelter.

After reviewing the information gathered by Indiana State Police, Perry County Prosecutor Samantha Hurst filed criminal charges on Terry Phillippe, Dan Saylor, and Robert Johnson. Arrest warrants were issued this morning.

All three Warrick County Commissioners were arrested at 12:30 this afternoon after they turned themselves in at the Warrick County Jail.


They were released after posting bond. Arrested and Charges: • Terry Phillippe, 54, Boonville, IN 1. Perjury,

Level 6 Felony 2. Official Misconduct, Level 6 Felony 3. False Informing, Class A Misdemeanor •

Dan Saylor, 59, Newburgh, IN • Robert Johnson, Jr, 62, Tennyson, IN 1. Official Misconduct, Level 6 Felony 2. False Informing, Class A Misdemeanor This is an ongoing investigation, and no further information will be released at this time. Investigating Officers: Detective Sergeant Brock Werne, Detective Patrick Stinson, and Detective Toni Walden, Indiana State Police All criminal defendants are to be presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Warrick County Commissioners says that they "are unaware of the specific nature of the charges though they are assumed to be related to statements they made to state police during recent investigations into the Warrick Animal Control department."

Anthony Long, attorney for the Commissioners, stated “The Commissioners do not believe they did anything incorrectly during this investigation, and worked diligently to address problems at Animal Control.

They are anxious to review the probable cause affidavit and they look forward to having light shed on this situation.

Terry Phillipe, Robert Johnson and Dan Saylor are dedicated public servants who work tirelessly to improve life for citizens in Warrick County, and we look forward to and expect their complete exoneration.”

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