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Animal Control Call Results in Both Child and Animal Neglect Arrest - Animal Foster Found

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 8, 2023 - On Thursday, July 6th, Animal Control Deputy Chad Hillenburg responded to a residence in the 1200 block of South Meridian Road after receiving information of small animal pets being neglected.

Upon arrival, Officer Hillenburg observed deceased domesticated rabbits on the porch.

He spoke with the resident, Amanda Chastain (42 years old of Mitchell) who gave consent to check other animals on the property. Officer Hillenburg located multiple deceased rabbits, dogs in crates that had several inches of feces in them, as well as multiple rabbits and a chinchilla that were very malnourished.

Photo: File photo

Officer Kenton Carter assisted Officer Hillenburg with the ensuing investigation.

The home was found to be unkempt and in very poor condition for healthy, safe habitation. A dead rabbit was also discovered in the house. Two juvenile children were living in the residence. Chastain was arrested and incarcerated at the Lawrence County Jail for Neglect of a Dependent (2 counts) and Animal Neglect (17 counts).

The Department of Child Services responded and the children were placed in a safer environment with family. The White River Humane Society assisted with transporting and housing the dogs. Two live rabbits were placed with animal fosters. At this time, an animal foster is needed for the chinchilla. (note animal foster has been located)


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