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4-H Teaches Youth Life Skills to Prepare Them For the Future

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 11, 2022 - The Lawrence County 4-H Fair is now underway for a week fun of fun for both the 4-Hers and those who attend the weeklong event.

Danielle Bastin, Bedford cleans out a horse tall Monday morning at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair grounds

However, it is not always fun and games for those who learn many things along the way while showing their animals.

Danielle Bastin who has been a 4-Her for 10 years was at the horse barn cleaning out the stalls and preparing to show her horse.

Mallie Dotts started at 6:00 a.m. this morning preparing for the day of activities at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair

On Monday morning, the day started early for some. For Mallie Dotts, Mitchell High School Junior her day started at 6:00 a.m. " I immediately went to the poultry barn, unload some things I needed. I then went to sheep barn, cleaned out the pens, watered and fed the sheep, said Dotts. " This requires a lot of patience. I have been in 4-H for as long as I can possibly remember. My goal is to try to get ten years in, I am hopefully going to take away something from this experience and learn from it,:

Dotts goal is to own her own farm and own a livestock company. " I want be able to sell my own pigs and sheep," said Dotts. This year, Dotts is showing sheep, pigs and chickens.

The many skills of the 4-H Youth mean they learn time management, responsibility, learn about the characteristics of their animals, how to care for them, anatomy and many other skills sets to prepare them beyond their youth.

For Trey Craig, he stated it has been a challenging year getting ready for this year's fair. Craig stated it took a while getting his heifer broke. For Craig over the years the hard work has paid off being a award winner showman.

Ryder Earl, (front row) Orleans 2nd grader says he would like to show chickens in 4-H

The Lawrence County 4-H Fair gets the future generation interested in the many programs the fair has to offer. Ryder Earl, 2nd grader from Orleans who says he will be interested in showing chickens.

Syndey Shaw won a trophy for mini-horse, Shaw works hard everyday to make sure everything is ready for her showing

Syndey Shaw has already won a first-place trophy in Mini Horse category which she says she had to learn how to hold the reins, makes sure her horse is fed, bathe the horse, as wells as clean out the stalls.

Caden Spires 9th Grader Eastern Greene High School works to clean his cousin's calf Monday at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair - This is Spires 5th year in 4-H

The Lawrence County 4-H Fair has just begun. Lawrence County residents are encouraging to plan to attend one night of the fair. Free parking is available at this year's fair.

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