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$3 Million Storm Water Minimization Project Underway on 5th Street on Bedford's Northside

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 13, 2023 - The $ 3 Million Storm Water Minimization Project is now underway on Bedford's northside to alleviate flooding on 5th Street.

Photo: 5th Street floods following a storm in the summer of 2019

The $3,010,820 project was awarded to Mitchell & Stark Construction which has began work on O Street in Bedford.

Photo: A vehicle drives through flooded 5th Street following a thunderstorm

The project will help alleviate street flooding during heavy rains.

During periods of heavy rain the water flows into the sanitary sewer system. The system being in need of repair, and the 24-inch sanitary sewer along O Street and P Streets from 5th Street to John Williams Blvd.

Bedford Utilities were awarded a grant from a storm water and transportation grant Indiana Finance Authority in the amount of $2,258,115.00 which is being matched from the Bedford Utilities in the amount of $752,705.

Photo crews have begun work along O Street in Bedford to begin sanitary sewer repairs between 5th Street and John Williams Blvd

" The problem there is a sanitary overflow at 5th Street. When it rains the sanitary sewer overflows and goes into the stormwater system. This overloads the stormwater system. Then the water on 5th Street has no place to go," says Misty Adams Bedford Utilites Director.

" The construction company will begin their repairs on John Williams Blvd . first, and the project got started a little bit later than anticipated. Originally, we thought it would be completed in June but may be a little later," according to Adams.

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