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150 Year Old Garage and Summer Kitchen catches fire on Tunnelton Road Saturday morning

BEDFORD - JULY 1, 2023 - Firefighters from Shawswick and Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department responded to a garage fire Saturday morning.

The 911 call reporting the fire came in around 7:15 am Saturday.

A person passing by the location alerted the couple to the fire, which was next to their home. " We are so grateful to this man, who alerted us of the fire, and glad it was not our home," said Brenda Price.

Firefighters were told that a fuel tank was close to the structure, and other hazards that made fighting the fire challenging.

No injuries were reported.

A thunderstorm was passing through the area when the fire happened. The exact cause of the fire is not quite known at this time.

" The building contained a summer kitchen, which was built in 1859. The house we living in was not constructed with a kitchen; at the time, right next to the garage," said Price.

" We want to thank for all these firemen and the help the provided. They are all just wonderful, who made sure we all ok," Price added.

The home and garage was all built around the same time. In the yard of property stood a step where they would use to get on a horse.

Photo: A step located on the property was used to climb on horses back in the 1859

Firefighters had the fire under control within thirty minutes of call. Firefighters were still on the scene at 8:00 am taking care of minor fires and hotspots.

Shawswick Township, Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, and Lawrence County Fire Territory Ambulance Service were dispatched to fire.


1402 L Street Bedford, Indiana

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