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12 Months of Christmas in Bedford - Toast to Pat Hutchinson

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 11, 2023 - The 11th Annual Bedford Rotary Toast honored a special lady who has been involved in the Bedford community for several years. The special toast to Pat Hutchinson.

The event is to raise funds for the John Williams Scholarship which is awarded to Lawrence County residents for college.

Photo: Pat Hutchinson was toasted by the Bedford Rotary Club Saturday night

Photo - Adele Bowden Purlee toast Pat Hutchinson during the 11th Annual Rotary Club John Williams Memorial Rotary Toast

Pat was toasted by many who knew her which included Steve Warren who came to know Pat from 1967 when she first arrived in Bedford, and many other friends from Euretta Griggs, Mike Mosqueda, Barbra Kissell, Dan Bortner who presented a letter from Bob Bridge, and JoAnna Kai Hackney.

President of the Rotary Club Tracy Bailey read some of the many comments submitted by people who came to love and know Hutchinson with her involvement with the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Red Hat Society, Limestone Heritage Festival, and her years as a businesswoman and owner of the Bedford Copy Trolley.

Photo - Friends greeted Pat Hutchinson greet her throughout the evening including Deb/Shannon from WBED and Ed and Pam Stalker

Hutchinson has brought Christmas to life with her new business adventure the 12 Months of Christmas which opens on October 1st every year.

The atmosphere of this evening's event was Christmas with the Christmas music wafting through the air, with fellowship and a meal with a Christmas theme.

Donna Brumbaugh catering the meal had all the fixins of a family Christmas, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, dressing, rolls, and desserts to appease any appetite.

Lawrence County Zephyr have included the comments from her friends in the YouTube video, and photos incorporated throughout the story.

Photo : Karin DuBois prepares a group photo for the Lawrence County Community Foundation

The Bedford Rotary invites you to join their organization at the Lawrence County Museum of History Thursday at noon. or contact them by email

Below is some video of Saturday evening's event:


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