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Zoning Change on Agenda tonight's Bedford City Council Meeting

BEDFORD - MARCH 20, 2023 - The Bedford City Council will hear a request for a zoning change for the Broadview Bowl property on 29th Street.

The zoning change will be from B-1 to light industrial.

The agenda for tonight's meeting is listed below:

City of Bedford

Council Meeting

March 20th, 2023

7:00 PM

StoneGate Arts & Education Center

931 15th Street

Prayer –

Pledge Of Allegiance

Call To Order

Reading And Approval Of Minutes – February 21st 2023

Old Business

1. Third & Final Passage – Ordinance 1-2023 - Amending Chapter §152.52 Streets And Roads And Appendix: Subdivision Regulations Forms, Tables, And Figures Of The Bedford City Code – David Flinn, Mayor Sam Craig, Greg Pittman, Brandon Woodward

New Business

1. Ordinance 3-2023 – Amending Salary Ordinance 18-2022 – Misty Adams

2. Transit Discussion – Dennis Parsley

1. Review Of Quarterly Claim Review – 2022 4th Quarter

2. Transit System Operation Update

3. Resolution 1-2023 – Resolution Authorizing The Submission Of Application For A Grant Under Section 5311/5339 Of The Federal Transit Act, As Amended – TASC Department - Dennis Parsley

4. Ordinance 4-2023 – Amending Zone Map – From B-1 To Light Industrial District (I-l) – For Josh Lewis – Brandon Woodward, Josh Lewis

5. Discussion

6. Adjourn

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Paid for the committee to elect Dan Bortner Bedford City Council At-Large

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