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Williams Man Arrested for Robbery Hoosier Petes Gas Station

BEDFORD - (April 7, 2022) - A Williams man was arrested for attempting to rob Hoosier Petes Gas Station on Tuesday night.

A Bedford Police officer was stationary in the 2800 block of Mitchell Road when a male motioned the police officer to get his attention.

The officer observed two males exit the gas station and headed west on 28th Street. One of the males, stated that Jeremiah L. Johnson told him " Call the cops I am going to rob you,"

According to the police Johnson entered the business three times before finally telling the employee to call the cops he was going to rob the place.

Officer Michael Bell went inside the gas station and encountered Johnson.

Johnson told the officer Michael Bell that he needed the police. Officer Bell informed him he was the police. However, Johnson told the officer " you are not the mother f****n police" and made his way behind the counter and into the office of the business, and shut the door behind him.

The officer drew his taser due to his behavior, and asked Johnson to exit the building. Johnson responded by pushing a glass display to the floor. This caused the case to shatter and as well as glass merchandise that was in the case to shatter.

When the officer tried to place Johnson in handcuffs he pulled away, and continued to resist the officer. When he resisted it he pulled officer Bell and himself over the counter.; causing the officer and Johnson to fall on a large pile of glass.

Johnson continued to resist and crawl away from the officer, causing both to be dragged over broken glass. This caused multiple lacerations to both Officer Bell and Johnson.

Once the officer got his hands pinned, Johnson started head butting the officer, and attempting to bite the officer. Other officers finally arrived to get Johnson in handcuffs.

Officer provided Johnson medical care until the ambulance arrived. Johnson telling officers he was high.

Johnson was transported to St. Vincent's Dunn Hospital by officers due to being combative. Johnson remained uncooperative with both hospital staff and the officers at the hospital.

Johnson getting X -Rays he was not cooperative with the technician and lunged at the X-Ray Technician. Johnson then got into another fight with officers. Both the X-Ray slides and equipment was broken, causing several thousand dollars worth of damage.

Johnson was charged with attempted robbery, batter on an officer causing bodily injury, resisting arrest by force, criminal mischief, two counts, one a level 6 felony, one misdemeanor count. public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

After Johnson was treated and medically cleared he was taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

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