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Williams Community Pancake Dinner Saturday Night Was A Hit

WILLIAMS - ( March 26, 2022) - The Williams Community Pancake Dinner was a hit Saturday night with several people who attended the event.

Keith Dillman opened up with the event to explain what the community event was all about.

There were plenty of pancakes, pork sausages and turkey sausages to choose from as well as drinks to quench your thirst.

Several from the audience enjoyed good conversation for both the young and old.

The event was held at the Williams Community Center off of Hamersley Road. The Williams Community Center is available to rent. The Williams Community is a beautiful place on Lawrence County western edge sitting next to Martin County, Indiana.

The Williams area is known for its covered bridge, and Dam that many motorcyclists, fisherman and tourist make their way from all over Indiana to come and see.

Lawrence County Zephyr will have another feature on Williams, Indiana in another story.

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