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White River Humane Society to Ask for Increase in Support from all local units of government

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 20, 2023 - The White River Humane Society will be requesting additional revenue this year from all local governments which include the City of Bedford, Lawrence County, Town of Oolitic and City of Mitchell.

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A new agreement has been requested with the City of Bedford during their meeting on Monday night. The terms and conditions of the new agreement have not been divulged to the public.

The City of Bedford supports several non-profits which includes the following:

  • Green Hill Cemetery Association - Five-year contract at $68,000

  • Men's Warming Shelter - $25,000

  • Families Forever - $15,000

  • White River Humane Society - Requested $52,000 last year, was only approved for $37,000

  • Boys & Girls Club - $35,000

  • Lawrence County Economic Growth Council - $50,000

  • Bedford Revitalization Incorporated - $5,000

A total of $235,000 was given to the non-profits last year from the City of Bedford.

The City of Bedford city council appointed Ryan Griffith to the White River Humane Society as a non-voting member.

The City of Bedford has various members from the city council sit on the boards to observe and be able to answer questions of where the taxpayer's money is being spent.

The White River Humane Society asked for more funding at the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting early in October 2022 asked for more funding for the WRHS but was given the same amount of funding as previous years.

In another meeting in 2023, WRHS asked the commissioners asked for a change in policy and ordinances and more funding. The Lawrence County Commissioners told the group they would have to make the request in the 2023 budget process.

The operations costs of the agency continue to climb, and the non-profit is working on building a new facility to house the animals.

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309 State Road 60 East Mitchell, Indiana

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Jul 20, 2023

My question is how much money does the people who manage the shelter make? If they are a non profit shelter then we need to know where is all the money going? Why don't they have fundraising or ask for more volunteers? There are other ways to get funds to support the shelter but they don't seem to do much of that!

Unknown member
Jul 22, 2023
Replying to

You Don't Understand What It Takes to Run A Non-Profit Shelter !

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