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MITCHELL - DECEMBER 21, 2022 - Firefighters from Mitchell and Marion Township Volunteer Fire Departments responded to a reported fire at Compton Apartments 213 North Sixth Street in Mitchell.

The 911 call reporting the fire came in at 6:05 p.m. when smoke could be seen from the back of the building. No injuries were reported.

One of the apartments were reported to have heavy smoke, with no fire at the time of call.

" Welders were working on a metal stairway earlier in the day, that is suspected as starting the fire. The fire was confined one apartment. However, due the fire possibly damaging the electrical system we had the building shut down," said Wayne Coble Assistant Fire Chief Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department.

There was 14 out of the 16 apartments occupied at the time of the fire.

American Red Cross assisted four of the occupants of the 14 apartments that were occupied at the time of the fire.

Mitchell Police Department responded and made sure everyone got out fine, and assisted the fire department. Duke Energy was contacted to disconnect the power.

Firefighters was on the scene until about 8:30 p.m.

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