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"Weekend at the Movies" Holiday Drive-In Still Showing Movies

MITCHELL - JULY 13, 2022 - The Holiday Drive - In has been around more than 60 years, 20 years under the ownership of Steve Wilson.

The iconic drive-in is located on State Road 37 at the Lawrence and Orange County line.

Holiday Drive -In Still in Operation after 60 Years

In Indiana there are still 19 Drive -In's still in operation throughout the State of Indiana, and approximately 300 drive -in movie theaters in the United States.

As the Drive-In theaters continue to close, due to the competing forces of rental movies, Netflix, and various other ways to bring movies right to the customers' homes. Steve and Pam Wilson find ways to keep the experience alive.

Many still travel long distances some 75 miles away to be able to experience this old American past time. Many are the regular customers, and others taking in the experience for the very first time.

According to the Wilson's "Daylight Savings Times" has really made a negative effect on this type of business.

However, Steve Wilson still loves to run this this type of business.

" I do this more for a hobby, in this type of business the profit margin is very thin. But we do have to make profit to keep the business operating," said Steve Wilson.

The business climate has been challenging with food prices and supplies have continued to make business operations challenging. " The food prices have really impacted our profit margins; the food is really where we make our money." said Pam Wilson who helps Steve with the business.

If you travel State Road 37 of a night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night you will find a flash of lights from the Movie Screen as movie goers catch a movie on a literal " Big Screen"

The Wilson's have tried to bring in movie goers with promotions and events to draw in the crowds.

The biggest crowd in over five years happened over this summer with the showing of " Top Gun" and "Jurassic Park " was another huge hit for the Drive-In with over 200 cars coming to see the top movie hits.

Upcoming movies include the "Minions" and "Elvis" movie will be showing soon, movie goers are asked to be on the lookout for those features soon.

The Wilson's usually plan out various activities about a week out, due to the weather being a factor on how it affects the business.

According to Wilson what you see in the Drive-In would cost close to a Million Dollars if it was constructed in today's money. The parts are very hard to replace Most of Indiana's Drive-In's stay in business by being in the business for a long-time.

" Once you lose this type of experience it gone, and never will be back," said Steve Wilson.

According to the Wilson's it is still a fun summer business.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday Business Hours

Gates open at 7:30 giving patrons time to order from the concession stands:

The first movie starts at dusk, turn your radio to 88.7 FM


  • 13 years age and up - $9

  • 6- 12 years of age - $5

  • 5 and under - Free

Cash and credit cards accepted

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