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Not so very long ago I heard a rumor that Facebook was changing its name to Meta. The message hardly resonated a ripple in my pint-sized personal realm. I was mildly active on social media before I retired. Basically, Facebook was my only platform. It was helpful in providing a raw, unscientific view of current issues and a good idea of what was transpiring in the community. In the past several months my outlook on Facebook/Meta has gradually changed. Rather than a source of news and light-hearted amusement, it has morphed into a persistent platform of promotion and marketing. Don’t misconstrue this as a complaint. I’m not opposed to folks aspiring to make a buck. In fact, I wish more people would be as industrious. Nonetheless, I was drawn to Facebook for its news and entertainment. Now, it is crammed with redundant advertisements. Not all my “friends” are genuine pals. Many are best described as former associates or acquaintances. I can live with that. No problem. However, I’m weary of the incessant, monotonous marketing from people I don’t know or hardly know. It tires me. Again, no hard feelings. I’ll continue to check in periodically to acquire news about those “genuine” friends and perhaps wish someone a happy birthday, but repeatedly perusing ads is not my concept of a good use of time. Bob Bridge welcomes comments at 812-276-9646 or

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