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" We Banjo 3" Performed at Bluegrass Hall of Fame Friday night

OWENSBORO KY, (March 19, 2022) - Those needing an evening of uplifting music and spirits Friday night was their night. The group " We Banjo 3" performance at the Blue Grass Hall of Fame in Owensboro, KY.

" We Banjo 3" performs at the Bluegrass Hall of Fame Owensboro, KY

The sellout crowd for " We Banjo 3" performances was an amazing evening of the fast, slow, and energetic music that would lift anyone's mood.

" We Banjo 3" although kind of misleading in the name is a band from Galway, Ireland who plays a blend of traditional Irish, old time, and bluegrass music they call Celtgrass.

The band composed of Enda Scahill, and Fergal Scahill, and Martin/ David Howley two sets of brothers.

" Long Black Veil"

The group released their debut album back in 2012 called "Roots of the Banjo Tree" and was named " Traditional Music of the Year" by the Irish Times.

In 2016, the group played for President Barak Obama and Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the annual " Friends of Ireland" luncheon held in Washington D.C. around St. Patrick's Day.

During the concert the group performed several of their traditional songs, mixed in with some of the newest music.

The crowd of course requested their song " Happiness" and " Shine On" was performed. Along the with " Long Black Veil".

The music was able to get the crowd off their feet with dancing, toe tapping and clapping, and brought many smiles to those in attendance.

For those bluegrass and music lovers in Lawrence County, "We Banjo 3" is a group to put on your list of must see.

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