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BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 21, 2023 - The waiting lists for two of Bedford's Apartment complexes continue. Amy Alcorn, property manager for Hoosier Uplands for Stonecutter's Place and Stalker Apartments gave the City of Bedford council members an update on the two locations, Tuesday night.

Alcorn reporting that there is a waiting list of more than 50 - 60 people for the Stonecutter Place Apartments located at 16th and K Streets in Bedford. One person calling once a month over the last year just trying to get in the apartments.

The list is long, and each person must qualify for the apartments which the Stonecutter Place is a Senior Project. Alcorn says they are incompliance for tax incentives for the project.

The Stalker Apartments complex have at least 100 people on the waiting list for apartments to open at that facility. " This just proves there is a real need for housing in Bedford," said Alcorn. Alcorn reporting that they are in compliance with the guidelines for the Statement of Benefits for that facility.

The tax incentives were issued in 2011 for the Stalker Apartment project and 2013 for Stonecutters Apartments.

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