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Vicky Schlegel Files for Mitchell Clerk/Treasurer

MITCHELL - MAY 25, 2023 - Vicky Schlegel has filed for Mitchell Clerk/Treasurer in the vacancy left by Mark Bryant who resigned his position earlier this month.

Bryant resigned his position as Mitchell Clerk/Treasurer, which was filled by the Republican Caucus by Carolyn Mann, the caucus was held on May 7th, to temporarily fill the remainder of Bryant's term in office.

Photo: Vicky Schegel files for Mitchell Clerk/Treasurer

There is only a few more days for other candidates to file, if no one else files for the position, she will move on to the ballot in November.

The Republican Party Chairman Heath Hawkins has not yet announced when the party will accept nominations for Mitchell City Council District 2 race after Richard Grace removed himself from the ballot in November.

Richard Grace has moved to Cape Coral, Florida and could not remove himself from the ballot in time for the primary election. Grace was the only candidate to file for the seat on the Republican ticket. The Democrat party still has time to nominate a candidate for the seat, who did not have a candidate in the Primary Election.

Lawrence County Zephyr has checked with the Lawrence County Voter Registration to see if anyone has challenged Eddie Mclain, Independent eligibility as candidate for Mitchell Mayor.

Mitchell Mayoral Independent candidate Eddie Mclain

At this time, no one has formally challenged Mclain's eligibility to run as a candidate in the Mitchell Mayoral race. Mclain voter registration filing in February lists a Woodville Road address which is outside the Mitchell City limits. Prior to running for Independent candidate for Mayor Mclain lists an address on Stevens Street which is inside the Mitchell city limits and is his mother's address.

Mclain suggests he lives in and out of the address on Stevens Street. His wife resides at the residence on Woodville Road.

In a video recorded at a previous Mitchell City Council meeting says that he lives on Woodville Road.

Persons who want to challenge his eligibility will have until August 25th to file the complaint.

The Lawrence County Election Board will then have a hearing to determine Mclain's eligibility once a formal complaint is filed and whether the matter could be forward to the Lawrence County Prosecutor's office for review.

Filing a fraudulent election materials, such as voter registration is a felony.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in the Mitchell Municipal races.

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