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Vehicle Takes Out Power Pole Near Springville Friday Morning

SPRINGVILLE - OCTOBER 14, 2022 - A single vehicle struck a power pole in which brought both powerlines and telephone lines down in the 1800 block of State Road 54 near Springville.

The 911 call reporting the accident at 10:24 a.m. Friday morning advising a vehicle rolled over a embankment striking the pole.

The driver of the vehicle was treated at the scene; but was not transported to the hospital.

Firefighters from the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department was on the scene until 12:28 p.m. until the accident scene could be cleaned up and power restored to the area.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department investigated the accident.

Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bedford Fire Department, IU Lifeline ground ambulance, and Stone City Collision Wrecker Service, and Utilities District Western Indiana responded to the accident.

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