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Vehicle Flees the Scene of Traffic Accident Saturday Morning

HELTONVILLE - AUGUST 27, 2022 - Lawrence County Sheriff's Department is looking for the driver of a pickup truck following a two-vehicle traffic accident on State Road 58 East near Heltonville.

The driver of the pickup fled the scene driving the pickup from the scene to a location on Diamond Road in Heltonville

The accident reported at 9:13 a.m. Saturday morning in the 3700 block of State Road 58 East.

The pick-up struck another vehicle while traveling south on State Road 58 heading towards Bedford. The pick-up overturned with the 911 caller originally reporting the drive was injured.

However, the driver fled the scene with the vehicle which was located on Diamond Road. At this time it is not known whether, the driver is injured, or who the driver of the pickup truck was. The driver of a passenger vehicle that was hit by the pickup was not injured.

Firefighters from Shawswick and Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department search the area around Diamond Road could not locate the driver.

The pickup was towed from Diamond Road location.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Bedford Fire Department, Shawswick Township VFD, and IU Lifeline Ambulance responded to the scene.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the accident and anyone with any information is requested to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department at 812-275-3316.

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