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Veanna Lewis Retires After 43 Years of Service as 911 Dispatcher for Monroe County

MONROE COUNTY - (March 28, 2022) - Veanna Lewis was honored by the Ellettsville Fire Department after serving the citizens of Monroe County for 43 Years earlier today.

(Left Retired Ellettsville Fire Chief Jim Davis, Deanna Lewis, and Fire Chief Mike Cornman Ellettsville Fire Chief Mike Cornman) Photo: Ellettsville Fire Department

Retired Fire Chief Jim Davis and current Fire Chief Mike Cornman honored Lewis with a Public Safety Certificate of Merit Award today at the Ellettsville Fire Station.

One can only imagine the changes Lewis has seen in radio systems, 911 systems, and technology over those 43 years.

Lewis had to adapt and change with the times.

Lewis calm demeanor getting emergency crews from police officers, firefighters and EMS crews to the emergency scene, all the while keeping callers calm and assured help was on the way.


Most dispatchers are never on the front page of the newspaper or television set as being a hero for saving a life, but yet their job saves just as many lives by getting emergency personnel there, descriptions of hazards, suspects, and giving first aid, CPR instructions over the phone.

Happy retirement Veanna Lewis, thank you for a job well done!

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