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Utility Easements Would Limit Options for Broadview Bowl Property

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 15, 2023 - The utility easements for the Old Broadview Bowl property would limit any new construction and uses for the parcel.

A water line runs next to the building and midway through the parking lot of the property.

Lawrence County Zephyr has discovered these new developments in looking at the property plats and easements for the property.

Should any new buildings or structures be added that deviated from the existing buildings would require special permission and relocation of the water lines on the property.

This would bring considerable costs to the property owner and the City of Bedford if those utility lines were moved.

Bedford Plan Commission members did not discuss the issue of easements during their meeting on Tuesday, Joshua Lewis plans to construct storage units would not interfere with the existing easements and water lines.

A preliminary hearing was held on Tuesday afternoon by Joshua Lewis to place storage units at 2519 -2531 29th Street in Bedford. This is where the former Broadview Bowling alley was located.

The property owner is asking to re-zone the property from B-1 Convivence District to Light Industrial district.

Bedford Plan Commission moved the request on to a public meeting.


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