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Use of William Covered Bridge on Agenda of Tuesday's Lawrence County Commissioners Meeting

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MARCH 10, 2023 - The use of the Williams Covered Bridge is for the dinner on the bridge is one of the agenda items at the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday morning. Tonya Chastain, Lawrence County tourism director will be asking again for the annual Williams Covered Bridge event that is normally held in the Fall.

The full agenda is listed below:

Lawrence County Commissioners Meeting

March 14, 2023

9:30 A.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Minutes for: February 28, 2023 Regular Meeting

3. Approval of Claims

4. Approval of Payroll

5. Appointments:

Tonya Chastain – Use of Williams Covered Bridge

6. Items for Consideration:

Low Contract

Amended Agreed Findings & Judgment

7. Department Reports:

Highway – Brandi Webb

Emergency Management – Valerie Luchauer

Sheriff – Greg Day

Chief Public Defender – Tim Sledd

8. Any Unfinished Old Business:

9. Adjournment:


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