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Underground Fuel Storage Tank LEAK Discovered at Bloomington Marathon Station

BLOOMINGTON - NOVEMBER 1, 2022 - Early Monday evening, the City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) issued a statement regarding hydrocarbon odors coming from the sewage flowing to the Dillman Road Wastewater Treatment Plant. A thorough search was conducted and determined the smell resulted from a release of gasoline fuel into the sanitary and storm sewer near a Marathon Gas Station located at 1307 West Third Street.

The large release of gasoline was due to a leak in an underground holding tank or underground piping. The leak has been stopped by removing the fuel from the storage tanks and surrounding area, and cleanup efforts have begun to minimize further impact. The total time needed for complete cleanup is unknown at this time.

Officials are actively monitoring the situation to ensure public safety. There is currently no risk to residents and no cause for alarm. Bloomington Fire Department (BFD) will make direct contact with residents in the affected area. Sampling by Bloomington Fire Department and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) indicate fuel vapor levels are dropping.

If residents smell gasoline inside their homes, they should ventilate the area by opening windows and avoiding an open flame. Residents with concerns can contact 812-269-6052.

CBU will continue monitoring conditions at the Dillman Road Wastewater Treatment Plant and work with IDEM to implement remedial actions and resume plant operations. Plant operators detected the odor late Sunday and suspended operation of the plant by diverting flow to the equalization basin while the source of the contamination was determined.

The City will provide updated information as it becomes available.

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