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UAW Local 440 Trying to Mitigate the impact of General Motors Announcement of layoffs

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 2, 2023 - Employees at the GM Powertrain Plant in Bedford was notified that layoffs are looming in the next couple months. UAWV has confirmed today's announcement.

UAW Local 440 President Derek Cronin released the following statement this evening.

"General Motors today announced that due to a change in business for the Flint Engine Plant, who is one of the customers that the Bedford plant supplies, our facility will be exiting work over the next couple of months which could impact up to 40 of our UAW Local 440 members. The Union is working tirelessly to mitigate the impact of this business decision to our represented members. Many options remain on the table in our talks with local management, but we will pursue any avenues that best protect the hard-working membership of the UAW at Bedford. The talks are in early stages, but progress is being made," said Derek Cronin President Local UAW 440.

This comes after more than 80 full-time employees was permanently laid off in August. 2022.

Out of the more than 80 employees, 35 of those were seniority employees.

There was no timeline given of when the layoffs will take place at a meeting held this morning in the communication to employees.

Prior to the first round of layoffs in August 2022, employees were told it would not affect them because of the tax abatements the City of Bedford given to the General Motor Corporation who invested another $45 Million in the Bedford facility.

The City of Bedford gave General Motors a 100 percent tax abatement in July 2022, for the upgrades to usher in the Electric Vehicles. The investment at the GM plant is being used to support the production of the Silverado vehicle, GMC Sierra Vehicle Electric Vehicle full size pick-up and the investment was to be used to retain 680 employees, but no plans to add additional jobs.

The GM Plant detailed plans to invest more than $51 million at the 1 million square plant and a new building was constructed earlier, with $300,000 construction according to the Bedford Planning Commission.

The company will use the investments to install new equipment to support the drive castings production of the Silverado.

GM has made several investments over the last few years in the Bedford Plant totaling over $465 million dollars since 2011.

" Our Bedford Operation is one of the leading aluminum die casting facilities in the world and this additional investment really an investment in the Bedford team and their commitment to excellence," said Phil Kienle GM vice-president of North America manufacturing and labor relations.

Bedford Redevelopment Commission and Bedford City Council members approved the 100 percent 10-year tax abatement for the first year. With 15 percent of the tax abatement going to the Bedford Redevelopment Commission.

" I think the people of Bedford should know the "tax breaks" we continue to give General Motors have so far resulted in a hundred jobs lost in less than a year. In less than a year and besides the little investment we got for tooling last year. There is nothing new coming." said one employee who wished to remain anonymous for this news story.

The employee questioned why the City of Bedford supports a company who continues to lay off employees and there are no repercussions for General Motors.

General Motors plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2035.

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