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U.S. Senator Mike Braun visits Avoca to celebrate 200th Hamer House anniversary

AVOCA - SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 - U.S. Senator Mike Braun and Indiana Governor Republican Candidate Mike Braun came to Avoca to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Hamer House Friday morning.

Photo: U.S. Senator and Republican Candidate for Indiana Governor signs his name on a sign and " Best Wishes" Friday morning

Avoca Park & Recreation of Marshall Township Board and Marshall Township Trustee Jan Kirk invited Senator Braun to speak.

Photo: U.S. Senator Mike Holmes and Avoca Recreation Park of Marshall Township president Mike Holmes shake hands

" This feels great, when I found out that I could come here and say a few words. The local community put this much effort in taking a historic piece of your local area and turn it into something like this. This is what living in southern Indiana is all about," said Senator Braun.

" Thank goodness you had a crew here and put together that committee and look what you have to show for it. That is how you're going to get your kids to move back to your own county or hometown," added Senator and Braun.

" I am glad to be here and dedicate the Hamer House,"

" This what makes Southern Indiana great we are lucky to live places like Dubois and Lawrence County and this what we eventually need to do to get our kids back to the communities were they were raised," concluded Braun.

About 40 members of the community came to hear Senator Braun speak including the Mix family from Springville who are home schooled.

" I just think this is something cool, to see a U.S. Senator because it's not often a Senator shows up not far from your own front door at a small fish hatchery," said 13 year old Maewynn Mix, Springville.

" I found it interesting that Senator and I love nature. The Senator also is interested in timber and my dad and I like making things out of wood. My dad likes building furniture and helps me make doll furniture,"

Senator Braun talked briefly about his political campaign six years ago being a freshman Senator and pleased to be able to make a difference. But Senator Braun told the group this is the enjoyable part of job.

" When I ran most people say something when they campaign, but I said first of all I will not be staying in Washington D.C. in the four and half years, I only stayed there six weekends,"

He then took a few questions from the crowd before touring the Hamer House.

" We are excited about the great things taking place, glad to have Senator Braun here today to our celebration. The park has a bright future, we are hoping the next generation continues to serve down here,"

The Historic Hamer House is a 2,600+ total square foot colonial-style house originally built in 1823. Over the last 200 years, this home has been used as a personal residence, a post office, a general store, and an inn. It is now an AirBnB managed and operated by the Marshall Township Trustee, Park Board, and Advisory Board.

The returns from The Historic Hamer House AirBnB will assist the Avoca Park & Recreation of Marshall Township in making it a more self-sustainable park for the public to enjoy.

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