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Two trapped in mobile home Monday morning in Paoli one sent to the hospital with minor injuries

PAOLI - AUGUST 7, 2023 - Two people had to be rescued from their mobile home after a Severe Thunderstorm with a tornado warning caused a tree to fall on their mobile home; early Monday morning

Photo: Seth and Carrie Giles was rescued from their mobile home early Monday morning following a Severe Thunderstorm with a Tornado Warning

It took Paoli Fire Department, Paoli Police Department and IU Lifeline Ambulance personnel several minutes to free the couple.

One person was taken to IU Health Paoli Hospital with minor injuries.

Meanwhile residents throughout Orange County are trying to clean up the mess from the aftermath of the storm that stretched from Dubois County to Washington County following a path around State Road 56.

Photo: " Out of the Attic" one of many businesses on Paoli Square lost their whole roof Monday morning

" Right now I am just waiting on my insurance company, and try to figure out what to do next. The roof of my business completely blew off and the debris from it stretches all the way around the Paoli square," said Crystal Chaplin owner of " Out of the Attic on Paoli's westside of the square.

"right now I am worried with more rain in the forecast this is just going to keep putting water inside my store," added Chaplin.

" I do not know when I will be able to open back up,"

Photo: A structure engineer will have to evaluate the Braxton Building on Paoli's Square

"We were just getting to open our business up to the public, we opened about three years ago; then COVID hit and slowed our business down. This is just devasting to us," said Cecil Rowlette owner of the Braxton Building on eastside o.

" I was just standing in front of the window front and just moved out of the way minutes before the window shattered. We live in the apartment above the business so we are out of both a place to live and work," said Rowlette.

Paoli residents are having a difficult time in finding drinking water and place to finding a place to eat. Some buildings are without electricity, water and natural gas.

One resident had to borrow some fuel for her vehicle to get her to Orleans to purchase supplies. Many residents are not prepared for being without esstential services for any amount of time.

Photo: IU Health Paoli cafeteria is open to serve meals at their regular rates, and offering oxygen refills until power can be restored to Orange County residents

IU Health Paoli is offering meals at a cost, and those who's oxygen tanks get low due to the power outage can get them filled at the hospital.

Residents were told it could be a long as seven days before the power could be restored by Duke Energy.

Photo: El Compadres is fixing meals for free for a limited time to help their neighbors, they are located on the southside of the Paoli square

The El Compadres located on the southside of the Square was offering free meals for a limited time to help the community. Their business only suffered minor damage and wanted to help support their neighbors.

Photo: Damage has been done to Jones Auto Restoration and National Water Works in Paoli the damage is widespread throughout the Town of Paoli

Photo: The Historic Orange County Courthouse has some major damage

Go to Lawrence County Zephyr facebook page to view photos of the damage the damage in Paoli, Indiana

Orange County Emergency Management Director rick Emrick says there are no emergency shelters opened due to the fact only two mobile homes were the only one destroyed in the area.

The Orange County is now in the recovery stage and is working with the National Weather Service on damage assessments.

Officials says it will take several days to have a total cost of damages suffered from Dubois County, Orange and Washington Counties.

for breaking news, news and information go to or like/ follow the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


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