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Two suffer injuries after small wind vortex knocks tent down at Judah Heritage Festival on Saturday

JUDAH - JUNE 19, 2023 - A small vortex of wind sent tents, and product into the air briefly, Saturday afternoon about 1:30 pm.

Video: A small vortex of wind took tents and products into the air briefly on Saturday afternoon at the Judah Heritage Festival

The tornado like wind occurred twice, that lasted only a few seconds. Lawrence County Zephyr was on location when the event occurred. A video was posted on Youtube of the final moments of the vortex and the aftermath of the event.

There were two people with injuries following the event. One small child had some minor scratches, and one woman suffered a leg, and ankle injury, according to organizers.

One vehicle was damaged after a tent landed on a vehicle. Organizers say they will require tents to be secured better at next year's event. The organizers are relieved no one was seriously injured.

More photos of this event can be found on the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.

For breaking news, and information in Lawrence County go to or Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


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