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Two Police Officers Shot in Traffic Stop near Mitchell (Suspect Dies at Scene)

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 5, 2023 - The investigation continues after two police officers were shot and the suspect died at the scene early Sunday morning near Mitchell.

The incident happened at approximately 2:50 am Sunday morning and took place in the parking lot of the Sinclair Gas Station located in the 4000 block of Indiana State Road 37 just north of Mitchell.

Photo: The police look into the vehicle being driven by the suspect

Both police officers, Lawrence County Deputy Josh Rhoades and Mitchell Police Officer Christian Anderson, were airlifted to Indianapolis hospital for the treatment of their injuries.

Photo - The one suspect died at the scene in an area across from the parking lot of Sinclairs on Indiana State Road 37

Both officers were alert and conscious at the time.

Details of the incident are still vague following a brief news conference at 9:00 am.

Mitchell Police Officer Christian Anderson

As officer Anderson returned to the suspect's vehicle, the suspect opened fire striking Anderson in the arm causing the bullet to deflect into his lung.

Lawrence County Deputy Rhoades was then struck by a bullet in the groin area. Both officers were listed in serious but stable condition.

Lawrence County Deputy Josh Rhoades

Mitchell Police Chief Mike Hardman said " We appreciate the quick response from area agencies and medical responders,"

Indiana State Road 37 at Woodville Road and Doc Hamiliton was closed for several hours while the incident was being investigated. Most of the crime scene investigation was completed around 10:00 am.

The suspect vehicle was being towed away from the scene at around 10:30 am.

The Indiana State Police is actively investigating the incident. Indiana State Police says they will be issuing a statement shortly about this morning's event.

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