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Trucks and Youth Converge in Bedford for Memorial for Ryne Cooper and Ken Block

BEDFORD - JANUARY 21, 2023 - Correction: One of the race car drivers was identified as Glen Block however should have read Ken. Lawrence County Zephyr strives for accuracy. On Saturday night more than 300 trucks, cars, and many spectators converged in Bedford in memory of Ryne Cooper and Ken Block to icons in the racing community.

Burning rubber along Bundy Lane Saturday night

Ryne Ashley Cooper 37, Mulberry, Indiana passed away on January 31, 2022, after a long battle with liver cancer.

Then, professional rally driver and DC Shoes co - founder, creator of Hoonigan Racing Division Ken Block died in a snow mobile accident. Block died at the age of 55 on January. 2, 2023 near his home in Utah.

Several youth from all over the State of Indiana came to Bedford to watch many of the trucks and rides do burnouts along Bundy Lane

The event was organized via Tik Tok according to those who attended Saturday's event.

" The truck meet was to honor these two iconic people in the racing world. We are having fun, with about 200 - 300 different trucks and rides," said Kaven Roberts Lafayette, Indiana.

Organizers make sure the event stays safe

Smokin Jims BBQ obtained a permit from the City of Bedford to have the event.


Bedford Police asked the crowds to move to Bundy Lane from Dunham's after complaints were received

Numerous youths turn out for the event

The event was a nice evening for area youth who came from all over the state to attend the Memorial event

"The event was promoted through social media, we are just excited to come out and enjoy ourselves and honor these two men who was well known in the racing community,"

" It feels good to be here and make this thing happen, its nice to have a business like Smokin Jim;s to allow us to do this," said Colten King,

Bedford Police have received various complaints and traffic issues throughout the evening. Lawrence County Zephyr will follow up with Bedford Police on the number and type of complaints received on Monday morning.

Many adults have told the Lawrence County Zephyr that the youth have trashed some of the parking lots and was doing burnouts in front of them that made it difficult to see while traveling.

The youth say Bedford lacks places for them to congregate and normally gets ran off by the police.

With Lawrence County's huge drug problem, it is only enlarged by the loss of events for the 18-25 age group. Many saying they go over to other parts of the state to be able to do have fun and entertainment.

Bedford's closure of the Stone City Mall, and Bowling Alley has left few options for the young adults to participate in drug and alcohol-free events.

For several minutes the trucks and cars were doing burnout outs along James Avenue and in the parking lots of area businesses along that stretched which included Dunham's Sports and Rural Kings.

Revere's at Indiana State Road 158 and Indiana State Road 450 had a busy evening and numerous vehicles parked in their parking lot to watch the event.

Indiana State Police observes the crowd at Indiana State Road 158 and Indiana State Road 450

The Indiana State Police observed the traffic at the intersection of Indiana State Road 158 and Indiana State Road 450 to monitor the State's property and for traffic violations.

Only thing that would have made the event better was to have food trucks and other vendors. according to attendees.

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