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Trooper Harding Reports to Bloomington District

BLOOMINGTON - DECEMBER 27, 2022 - On December 15, 2022, Eleven Probationary Troopers graduated from the 83rd Indiana State Police Academy. Today, Probationary Trooper Caroline Harding reported for duty to the Bloomington District.

Caroline Harding will report to the Bloomington Indiana State Police Post District # 33

Trooper Harding is a native of Indianapolis. She currently resides in Monroe County with her husband and children. After she graduated from Lawrence Central High School in 2008, Harding enrolled in Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Before the academy, she worked as a manager in retail and then as a Manager and Training Director for a local franchise with several stores in the Bloomington area.

Trooper Harding will now begin her next phase of instruction, a three-month field training period, working alongside veteran troopers. Field training aims to give troopers a practical application to the training they received throughout the formal academy. Upon completing field training, the troopers will be assigned a state police patrol vehicle and begin solo patrol. These troopers have already completed over 1,200 hours of structured training in law enforcement techniques and hands-on, scenario-based training at the Indiana State Police Recruit Academy. Their curriculum included criminal law instruction, emergency vehicle operations, psychology, traffic law, crash investigation, self-defense, first responder, and other general law enforcement-related training.

Upon successful completion of field training, Trooper Harding will patrol primarily Monroe County. The Bloomington District is comprised of Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen Counties.

Commander Paul Bucher said, "We are proud to welcome Trooper Harding to the Bloomington District, and we are excited to see the difference she will make on the highways and in the communities, she will serve.”

If you are interested in pursuing an exciting career as an Indiana State Trooper, please visit

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