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Trial Delayed Over Four Hours in Child Molestation Case

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 24, 2022 - The jury trial of Joshua Stevens was delayed unexpectedly Wednesday morning. Stevens was charged with five counts of child molestation.

Stevens was not present in court on Tuesday during the proceedings. However, Stevens was escorted in by transport officers of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department into the courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

No details have emerged on why or how Steven's was taken into custody.

However, following the proceedings Wednesday he was taken to the Lawrence County Jail and will be held there for the duration of the trial.

Josh Stevens will be transported back to and from court from the Lawrence County Jail.

Joshua Stevens

Early Wednesday morning, the victim's mother was testifying when Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II appeared in the court room. Both the prosecutor and defense teams went into the Judge's chambers and following that meeting the court went into recess until about 2:00 p.m.

In addition, one of the jurors was replaced with an alternate after the juror determined she could no longer continue hearing the case.

Both the victim's mother and maternal grandmother testifying on Wednesday afternoon, detailing the living arrangements of the family and about the interactions between Joshua Stevens and the victim.

The victim herself is expected to testify on Thursday. Throughout the trial the jurors were able to ask questions of the witnesses.

This was done by putting their questions on paper and Judge Plummer asking the witnesses directly the information they were seeking.

The trial will resume at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

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