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Treno Services Removing Tracks Owned By White River Port Authority

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 - The railroad tracks owned by the White River Port Authority is being removed by Treno Rail Services LLC.

Back in July 2011, the Indiana Rail Road Company conveyed its interest and right of way to the City of Bedford for the primary purpose of constructing rail access through the White River Port Authority.

The agreement included a large loop of land surrounding the GM Powertrain plant and was valued at more than $200,000. The White River Port Authority purchased the tracks for $250,000 to continue economic development in around the area, in the hopes of maintaining rail service to the City of Bedford.

The City of Bedford will be reimbursed for the tracks and material after being sold for scrap. The White River Port Authority is still in existence at this time, even though both the north/south tracks from Bedford to Mitchell have been removed.

Plans for a Rail to Trails project from New Albany to Yockey Road is still being discussed.

The railroad tracks were removed from the downtown Bedford area earlier this year.

This year, the railroad tracks owned by CSX Transporation were removed from the downtown Bedford area.

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