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Tree falling on powerline causes 3-acre Wildland Fire in Monroe County Friday

MONROE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 11, 2022 - Monroe Fire Protection District responded to Gilmore Ridge Rd around 3pm this afternoon for an out-of-control brush fire.

A tree falling on a powerline sparked this wildland fire Friday afternoon - All photos courtesy of the Monroe Fire Protection District unless otherwise specified

Firefighters arrived to a fire approximately 3 acres in size in very hilly terrain. It took firefighters a few hours to get the fire contained and hot spots handled.

Firefighters from the Monroe Fire Protection District worked several hours containing the fire and taking care of hot spots

The fire was started from a tree falling on a power line creating a spark that caught the leaves on fire.

Drone photos provided by Sgt. Bennet Dillon from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Fire departments across the State of Indiana have been battling large wildland fires, brush fires, and many of those fires getting into nearby structures and homes.

Burn bans have expanded as of Friday morning across the State of Indiana

Burn bans have been expanded to many counties across the State of Indiana. Lawrence County has not implemented any burn bans at this time. Local fire officials say with the lack of enforcement of the burn bans it leaves them policing controlled fires on their own and responding to out-of-control fires without any consequences to the property owner who starts them.

Local fire departments urge no one to do any outside burning at this time until a significant amount of moisture has returned. Despite the incoming snow and rain fire department say that it will quickly dry out and causing dry conditions rapidly.

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