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Transitions Located in Heltonville Assessed Value Changes to $740,000

HELTONVILLE - AUGUST 5, 20022 - The assessed value for Transitions has been reduced to $740,000.

According to Lawrence County Assessor April Stapp Collins the reasoning behind the new assessment is this would create a huge, shortfall for Pleasant Run Township and she did not want that to occur.

Collins contacted the North Lawrence Community Schools about the appraisal the school corporation used in the sale of property.

The assessed value of $2.9 Million could also potentially affect near-by property owners and cause a property tax increases should the $2.9 Million remain.

Jerry Ford owner of the property purchased from the North Lawrence Community Schools for $735,000.

The property that Transitions sits on is just a little over 20 acres and was approved for that area to be considered for an Economic Recovery Area. In order for a property owner to request a Tax Abatement the ERA must be designated first.

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