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Traffic changes coming to Hatfield Elementary after city police request change for public safety

MITCHELL - AUGUST 16, 2023 - During the Mitchell Community School board meeting Monday night Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins and Police Chief Lobosky requested the school board make changes to the way they have drop-off and pick-up of students at the two elementary schools along Hancock Avenue.

School officials invited Police Chief Lobosky to a 9:00 am meeting to discuss his concerns on Tuesday morning.

Photo: Public safety concerns have Mitchell Police requesting changes to the drop off and pick-up of elementary students on Hancock Avenue.

On Wednesday afternoon Hatfield Elementary told parents that the following changes will be enforced on August 21st.

The Mitchell School Board dropped plans to make traffic improvements to the elementary school drive during the capital improvement projects in 2021.

Photo: The proposed $1.1 million traffic improvement plan was dropped for $8.9 million roof/solar plan

The cost for the traffic improvements was estimated at $1.1 million.

However, the school board decided to move forward with the other improvements to the athletic department, Stem/Steam and over an $8.9 million roofing and solar project.

The traffic issues have increased over time with parents deciding not to use bus transportation.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday the following message was given.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement these new procedures that are designed to create a safer atmosphere for our students and those on our campus at the end of the day. These changes will begin on Monday August 21,"


Please make sure you communicate with HES if your child’s end of the day dismissal routine changes.

  • Cars will not be allowed to begin lining up for car riders until 2:40pm.

  • -There will be law enforcement presence on site to ensure this occurs.

  • -Please do not line up on Teke Burton, or other nearby streets or parking lots, this will create new traffic jams and unsafe areas. If this occurs, there is a risk of being ticketed by law enforcement.

  • At 2:40pm, traffic will be directed down the hill and around the MCS bus barn. The traffic flow will then “snake” around this facility and then into the back faculty parking lot. HES staff will be in this area to help direct the flow of traffic.

  • Once the traffic in the faculty lot is full, the process of double stacking the cars in the bus barn lot will begin. Again, HES staff will be in the area to help with direction.

  • Students will continue to be picked up at the same location as accustomed and then exit from the north exit in front of HES.

  • Once busses have been loaded, the car pickup traffic will be stopped and the buses will be released.

  • Once the last bus leaves the HES campus, car pickup traffic will follow the buses out of the north exit in front of HES.

  • Please make sure you communicate any changes to your child’s dismissal routine. If changes are not communicated, HES will do their very best to accommodate, but there may be instances where your child will have to be picked up at HES or at another MCS campus.

School board members discussed Monday that the situation has been ongoing for several years without a consensus on how to solve the issue.

The traffic improvement during the previous capital improvement plan was not mentioned, Monday night. None of the school board members discussed why they decided not move forward with the original plan.


-- Tonya Hudson has 18 Years of realestate experience

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