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Tractor Pulls & Queen Contest to Start off the 2023 Lawrence County 4-H Fair Tonight

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 7 - The Lawrence County 4-H Fair will be held on July 7th - July 15th and the Lawrence County Zephyr will be providing up to date coverage on the fair, including live interviews during the fair week.

The Lawrence County 4-H Fair is a fun time for people of all ages from the young, to those who have spent many years at the fair.


  • The Lawrence County 4-H Fair starts off with the Queen Contest beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday night at the Expo Hall.

  • A tractor pull will also be taking place, at 6:00 pm with admission fee of Adults - $10, Kids Age 7-12 - $7 and kids under the age of 6 is free.


Find out how your business can sponsor this years Lawrence County 4-H Fair coverage on the Lawrence County Zephyr - email

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