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Tornado, Flooding, Wind Damage Reported Throughout Southern Indiana with Travel advisories

SOUTHERN INDIANA - MARCH 3, 2023 - There have been numerous reports of storm damage throughout Southern Indiana, including a possible tornado touch down Northwest of Evansville, Indiana on Friday.

Photo: Evansville Watch picture taken near Poseyville, Indiana and reports of a possible tornado touch down Northwest of Evansville

Travel advisories have been issued for several counties through the state including Martin County.

The Greene County and Martin County Sheriff's Department warning motorists about flooding and downed trees throughout their counties.

Photo: Bedford Street Department responds to the private drive behind SAIC after two vehicles got stuck in flooded the waters near Plaza Drive

The following statement was released by the Martin County Sheriff's Department.

" Due to extreme weather conditions today we have multiple concerns for travel in the county this evening. Please note that low line areas are now flooding rapidly and will continue to as the evening progresses. Trees have been falling all over the county due to the soaking rain conditions and high winds. Please travel with extreme caution, be diligent in looking for flood waters, downed limbs, debris and weather issues. Please use extreme caution for travel this evening as multiple watches and warnings are out and in effect at this time. To report road hazards, severe flooding or downed trees etc. please call the office at 812-247-3726,"

Local utility companies reporting power outages throughout their coverage area.

The barometric pressure for the Terre Haute and Evansville area.

The Terre Haute airport KHUF just set an All-Time record low sea level pressure of 981.5 mb for KHUF. The previous record was 981.7 mb set on Mar. 11, 1923. It's still falling as well as of 2:15 pm today.

Photo: Evansville Watch of reports a radio tower snapped due to high winds Friday afternoon on Morgan Avenue

In the Evansville area, the lowest measured barometric pressure in Evansville was recorded at 12:54 pm was 977.6 mb or 28.87 inches. That breaks the record set back in February 28, 1902.

In Lawrence County there have been reports of flash flooding throughout the county with local roads and streets covered in water.

Local street departments, county highway departments and some local volunteer fire departments have been responding to trees that have fallen down over the roadways and powerlines.

Waters on Leatherwood Creek in the Otis Park Area

Earlier this morning the Huron Volunteer Fire Department dispatched to a tree down over U.S. 50 West near the Huron crossroads.

Leatherwood Creek was flooded bring the waters up in the bridges in the Otis Park.

Photo: The City of Mitchell have faced numerous stormwater issues

In Mitchell several city streets were covered in the normal locations as the City of Mitchell addressing some of the stormwater issues in that town.

Photo - A semi got stuck making a turn in Loogootee - Photo Loogootee Police Department

Flooding around Rabbitsville Road and Hel-Mar Addition have long been troubled locations for storm water issues in the City of Mitchell.

Video: Mitchell resident expressing concern about the stormwater issues in Mitchel at a previous Lawrence County Commissioner meeting

The National Weather Service reports windy conditions will persist throughout the evening.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments throughout the evening.

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