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Tony Barrett Seeks Republican Nomination for Marshall Township Trustee

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP - ( April 10, 2022) - Tony Barrett, is one of three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Marshall Township Trustee.

Tony Barrett is seeking the Republican nomination for Marshall Township Trustee

The Marshall Township Trustee candidates include Tony Barrett, Jan Holmes Kirk and Christopher Noel. All three candidates have responded to the inquiry.

Each candidate was asked the same questions submitted by subscribers. Out of all the Lawrence County races, this race seen the largest response from subscribers.

1. Why do you want to be a Trustee of Marshall Township?

1. I have a desire to give back to the community that has given me so many great

memories. So that future generations might enjoy and experience some of these same

areas of beauty and nature. Help improve communication and availability of trustee to the

residents of the township.

2. Is it possible to meet the needs of the fire department and park department if funding is

not allocated at a similar rate as assessed property values?

2. When watching the news we see that most volunteer fire departments in townships

across Indiana are struggling to keep up out-dated equipment and supplies they need to

have to operate. The park, on the other hand, has been very fortunate to have received

funds in the form of grants, TIF, donations, etc. While I am not an advocate for raising

taxes, I would like to see the township get a "bigger slice of the pie". Although, at this

time, I do believe we could take care of both by seeking out funding in all forms available

to the township.

3. How would you notify the public of township meetings? 

3. Notifications would be posted on door of the Trustee office and building where

meetings would be held. Also social media and newspaper. Meetings would be held on

the same time, date, and place so it would be easy for the public to remember and


4. How do you see Marshall Township in four years?

4. Park should have all major repairs done according to the 5 year plan that are necessary

for sustainability. Fire department should be more up-to-date and better equipped. I have

goals and a plan, that when implemented, will increase sustainability and funding available

to move forward into the future for the Township.

5. At this time you can tell the public about yourself and address any other topics not mentioned in the questions.

5. I have been a family man and long time resident of Marshall township since a small

child and a business owner and operator for over 40 years, but am now retiring and

looking to giving back to my community. Some highlights that I would like to implement

are, but not limited to:b Have a website for the township that is ease of use and user friendly for information, reserving shelter house(s), the other two buildings, etc. to help with funds for

sustainability. To have information on what's going on and comments sections, so that

those interested can leave feedback. Also links to fund raising events, separate links to

donate to the park and fire department, etc. Check on public assistance and other

interesting happenings such as fundraisers in the township.

Have ideas on other ways to increase funding for the park. Willing to help fire department

find additional funding. Ideas to organize, improve, implement, and follow through for

the better of the township and it's residents.

Being a family man and business owner, I have the experience and knowledge to estimate

expenses, seek the best pricing for supplies and services, schedule and follow through to completion on projects. I am organized and knowledgeable in many areas, from

excavating, engineering, operating equipment, overseeing workers, following and

enforcing safety policies, etc. Being an owner/manager of real estate rentals, I have

various skills to deal with people and or situations that might arise. During the last two

years I have completed various hands on projects at the park along with other volunteers,

trying to preserve and correct issues, and make the park safer. I have helped with the

information, plans, ideas, and costs estimation for the completed 5 year plan that will be

put in place in the near future if I am elected to township trustee. My wife and I have been

involved with one fundraising event, and are interested in helping with others planned.

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