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AREA - NOVEMBER 23, 2022 - The Holidays can be difficult for some, after losing a loved one. Here is some tips with dealing grief during the holidays.

  • Acknowledge that the holidays will be different, and they will be harder

  • Decide which traditions you want to keep and which traditions you would like to change

  • Create a new tradition in memory of your loved one. Examples of this include lighting a candle in their honor, putting out a memory box, or making a ornament in their memory

  • Decide where you would like to spend the Holidays. If you have always had Christmas at your house and you think may be harder, ask a family memory or friend to host Christmas

  • Plan ahead for how you would like the holidays to go. Communicate your feelings to those you will be spending the holidays with. Be honest and tell people what you do and do not want to do for the holidays

  • Remember that not everyone does not grieve the same

  • See a counselor. The holidays are a hard time of year and talking to someone can help

  • Visit loved ones grave and leave a meaningful holiday item such as flowers, a wreath, or an ornament

  • Play your loved one's favorite music. Holiday music or any other type of music

  • Journal your feelings if you are having an especially hard day

  • Skip some holiday events if it feels like it is to much. Do not feel guilty if you need to skip some events. Also it is good idea to drive yourself so that you can leave when you feel like you need to and are not reliant on someone else for transportation

  • Remember it is okay to cry

  • Volunteer in your loved ones memory

  • Avoid seeking comfort in food or booze. All things in moderation

  • Splurge on a gift for yourself

  • Practice gratitude Try to find one thing a day to grateful for. Look for small things that brighten your day

  • Identify those people who will be able to help support you doing the holidays

  • Practice self care. Whatever helps you recharge and reset to do it

  • Remember its okay to have a good time and be happy. This does not mean you don't miss your loved one. You should not feel guilty

TEXT 988 National Suicide Hotline to talk to someone!


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