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Three Lawrence County Men Arrested For Burglaries in Springville Area

OCTOBER 27, 2023 - SPRINGVILLE - A burglary investigation conducted by Lawrence County Deputy Robin Compton, Sheriff Greg Day, and Indiana State Police DES Detective Josh Allen concluded Thursday, October 26th with the arrest of three Lawrence County men.

The investigation began after the Sheriff’s Office received a report on July 1st that a burglary had occurred in the 2000 block of Sieboldt Quarry Road. Officers discovered that items had been taken from the house and a detached barn.

Included in the items stolen were several firearms. A second burglary happened at the same location during the overnight hours of July 3rd.

The residence had no occupants either time, as the homeowners were in the process of moving out to a different home. Officers utilized several investigative techniques, including numerous interviews, the collection of DNA swabs, and search warrants.

The investigation was at a standstill pending laboratory testing, until officers received a break in the middle of September whenever a citizen located an on-line posting of one of the stolen guns (Marlin 39A rifle) being offered for sale.

This citizen notified investigating officers, who then arranged an undercover meeting to purchase this firearm. Upon meeting with the person selling the Marlin rifle, it became apparent the male did not know the rifle was stolen. It was learned that he had purchased the rifle from another male towards the end of July in Monroe County.

Officers seized the gun and were able to identify involved suspects. After recovering this stolen rifle, Sheriff Day obtained a search warrant for a residence on Garrison Chapel Road in Bloomington.

Sheriff Day, Det. Allen, and other ISP Troopers executed the search warrant on September 19th. During the execution of this search warrant, officers obtained evidence pertaining to the commission of the burglary.

In addition, Troopers arrested the resident of the address, Seth Medley (39 years old of Bloomington) on methamphetamine possession charges. He was incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail.

The investigation continued and probable cause was established on the three burglary suspects. Sheriff Day submitted probable cause affidavits requesting warrants to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Photo: Kyle White, Bedford, IN

On October 26th arrest warrants were issued on Kyle White (26 years old of Bedford) for Burglary (Level 5 Felony) and Theft (Level 5 Felony),

Photo: Delton Ray Roberson of Springville, IN

Anthony Henson (38 years old of Mitchell) for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary (Level 5 Felony) and Conspiracy to Commit Theft (Level 5 Felony), and Delton Roberson (47 years old of Springville) for Aiding in Burglary (Level 5 Felony) and Aiding in Theft (Level 5 Felony).

Photo: Anthony Henson, Mitchell, Indiana

The conspiracy and aiding offenses are for things such as helping plan the burglary, transportation to and from the burglary, helping conceal and sell the stolen property.

After the arrest warrants were issued, Sgt. Lonnie Johnson, Deputy Travis Atchison, and Sheriff Day located White in the 1000 block of Stumphole Bridge Road, where he was arrested for his warrant.

Sgt. Johnson, Sheriff Day, Capt. Andrew Phillips, and ISP Trooper Chance Humphrey then located both Roberson and Henson at a residence in the 2600 block of Harrodsburg Road.

Both were arrested without incident. All three suspects were incarcerated in the Lawrence County Jail.


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