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Three File for Recorder - Two File Pleasant Run Twp Advisory Board

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 1, 2022 - Three people have filed for the vacancy in the Lawrence County Recorder's office following the death of Myron Rainey.

Jessica Allen, Penny Cobb and Martha Turner have filed for the vacancy in the Recorder's Office. A caucus by the Republican precinct committeemen will decide who will fill the position. Those wishing to file for the position have until July 23, 2022, to file for the vacancy.

Two people have filed for the Pleasant Run Township advisory board which include Gary Faubion and James Ford for the two unfilled slots on advisory board from the primary election.

No one has filled for the Guthrie Township offices. No one filed for township trustee or advisory board positions from either political party. Parties have until July 5th at noon to file for any vacant positions.

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