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Three earthquakes detected near Vincennes this week

KNOX COUNTY - AUGUST 17, 2023 - The United State Geological Survey says that two earthquakes were detected east of Lawrenceville, Illinois earlier this week.

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  • The first 2.3 magnitude earthquake was detected 9:11 pm Monday located east of Lawrenceville, IL north of U.S. 50.

  • The second 2.1 earthquake was detected at 2:50 pm close to the first one

  • The third 2.4 earthquake was detected at 1:25 pm west of Vincennes, Indiana

Indiana had a total of 27 earthquakes since 1931.

The last earthquake in Indiana was on June 17, 2021, at 3:17 pm when a 3.8 earthquake occurred near the Indiana-Illionois border 1.9 miles west of Bloomingdale, Indiana. That quake could be felt in four states.

The closest 2.2 earthquake to Bedford, Indiana was near Washington Indiana at April,11, 2012. There were no injuries or damages were reported.

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