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" There is No Place Like Home " Popcorn Christian Church Celebrates 150 Years

POPCORN - AUGUST 28, 2022 - The time from 1872 to 2022 looked a whole different than it did today. The parishioners probably had to walk, rode the horses by wagons, and hitching post was probably the parking lot way back then.

Popcorn Church Celebrates 150 Years

On Sunday morning the cars, and trucks started rolling in, kids already playing, and the smiles of the men and women already radiating on the faces of those ready to worship, reflect and hear a message from the preacher.

However, this year's Homecoming Service was something special. For more than 150 Years this small little country church is still around and thriving.

The outreach of the small congregation can be felt locally, throughout the State of Indiana, United States and beyond.

The hymns sung during the service was a ballad of the songs that were sung from 1872 all the way into 2022. Those hymns providing comfort, peace and helped lift hearts from a busy week.

Francie Godsey playing the piano this morning at Popcorn Christian Church

Some who attended Sunday's Homecoming have been in the church for a very long time, other came just to re-visit the church as they remembered the church in their youth, and for others it was the first time, they ever set foot in the building.

Joe Armstrong family attended many years at the Popcorn Church

Joe Armstrong was baptized in nearby Popcorn Creek on June 10, 1957, while attending the Popcorn Christian Church.

" Many of my family members attended here, and this brings back a lot of those memories. After I got married, we wanted to find a church with more activities for our kids, so we attended Hillcrest Christian Church, said Joe Armstrong. Joe came to reunite with friends and family.

Peggy Humphrey has attended Popcorn Church for more than 69 years

Peggy Humphrey has attended the Popcorn Church for more than 69 years and attended the services on Sunday morning. Humphrey who will turn 89 years old in November described the church as being a pillar and rock. Especially, during the death of her late husband Dale, and her son Brian.

Pastor Andy Fish with his wife Kelsy and twins Clara and Lucy who are twin at 22 months

Church sometimes is a place of new beginning's, just like it was for Popcorn Christian Church's new pastor Andy Fish. Pastor Fish began his pastorate on July 3, 2022 and provided today's sermon from the series of Parables of Jesus.

Pastor Andy Fish delivers the sermon from Luke 15:11-32 " The Prodical Sons"

How fitting for today's sermon was on the " Parable of the Prodical Son". The prodigal had a burning desire just to come back home. The parable told from Jesus; the passage of scriptures in Luke Chapter 15:11-32 tells that no matter what, the Father always welcomes his children home.

Popcorn Christian Church had the same welcoming feeling to all, " Come on Home",

The church services ended with their " Annual Sheep Roast" with the celebration continuing with food, and fellowship.

Congratulations to the Popcorn Christian Church and their 150 years of service to the Popcorn Community.

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