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The time to eliminate Bedford's Trash pick-up fee - No longer needed

BEDFORD -OCTOBER 18, 2023 - Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn asked for a fee increase for trash pick-up. However, the City of Bedford need for this revenue stream is no longer needed.

The purpose of the fee was to purchase the new trash truck and toters in 2008; when the new trash pickup was implemented.

Former Mayor Girgis implemented the new service to save on the six employees required on the old system. The city budgeted for trash service to city residents as a free service prior to the new trash service.

Approximately, 5,500 residents pay for trash service and the city exempted many non-profits from the fee schedule.

Photo: The $12.85 trash fee on city residents generates $126,000 a month for the city

The fee generates about $126,000 a month or $1.5 million a year.

The City of Bedford does not have to pay any fees to the Lawrence County Solid Waste District which is a $1.5 million savings to the City of Bedford. The Lawrence County Solid Waste District exemption has saved the city over $19.656,000 during the life of the exemption.

A new trash truck is already on order but repairs on the two older trucks including the original truck purchased in 2008 that has depleted the funds.

Photo: The three TIF districts will generate $4.6 million in 2024 which will be more than enough revenue to eliminate the city's trash pick-up fee

The City of Bedford budget $25 million for 2024 pays for the city's vital services.

In addition, the city's three TIF districts generate revenue $4.3 million a year is more than enough revenue to eliminate the need for the unnecessary fee.

The Bedford city council will vote on the final passage of fee schedule at the November city council meeting.

Proposed fee schedule:

  • The proposed fees of $12.85 will now go up to $15.00 a month starting on December 20, 2023.

  • The fee will increase to $16 on December 20, 2024

  • The fee will increase to $16.50 on December 20, 2025

  • The fee will increase to $17.00 on December 20, 2026

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Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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